Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Simpler Product: The Story of King's Green Cream (KGC)

The Kings Green Cream is the end product of a year or more spent in development. There are many ointments out there that will claim to be great for this or good for that, but I wanted one that could do almost anything. This is a tall order, to make a ointment that would be anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, be soothing to the skin, spur on cell proliferation, and keep with the Simpler philosophy of herbal medicine.

Why the name? Well, its not because the cream is worthy of royal appointments or was commissioned by a member of a royal house. Kind of at least. As I was fine tuning the combination of herbs and essential oils a friend of ours contacted me about some issues that this ointment could help with. This friend of course has the last name of King. The cream is a deep green, so the name was just a description of who it was made for and the color it is.

The amazing Dr. Bench of Evolution Chiropractic calls it KGC and I think I like that. He has had a number of patients that have used this preparation for numerous issues and he has reported to me high degree of satisfaction with this product.

Personally we use it around the Simpler House for just about any external issue from, chapped lips, to skin infections, diaper rash, cuts, bruises, and I even tried it as an underarm deodorant. Yes, it worked for that too. I would like to share one of my own experiences that I feel reflects the truly powerful nature of this ointment.

Occasionally I work as a zip line guide and as part of those duties I use a break system comprised of a long climbing rope to slow down people riding the line as they come to the landing platform at about 40 miles per hour. You can imagine what would happen, should the rope get tangled around an appendage. If you cant imagine it I will post some photos of what an inch wide by 12 inch long, severe rope burn looks like.

Well that is what happened and I right away thought of all the bad things that usually occur with rope burns, mainly infection, and slow healing times. The goopy green stuff is KGC.

I slathered the KGC on and kept it on thick, Changed the bandages twice a day for the first week and the wound had already began to fill in with new tissue and showed no signs of infection.

(Four days after the initial injury. Looked better than I expected. See the pink on the outside edges of the burn? That is new skin growing already. My wound was healing so much faster than I had expected.)

I continued to put the KGC and bandages on during the day and would let the wound breathe at night. Three weeks later the burn is totally healed and I, at no time, felt like infection might have been a possibility. Anyone who has had a deep, large rope burn knows this to be pretty amazing. Previous rope burns I have received had taken 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal while using bandages and conventional antibiotic ointment.

(This is a picture of my rope burn scar three weeks after the initial injury. Fully healed and a great scar I can show off to the grandkids one day.)

So in summary, wounds and skin issues, bad.
Kings Green Cream, good.

**Kings Green Cream 1oz $12.00**

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Herb Walks for 2013

Sam will be scheduling herb walks for SE Idaho in the next few weeks.
Please watch the event calendar for information.
If you have a group that would like to book a session, please email or call Sam.