King's Green Cream:

"I once got a blister. It was HUGE. And horrible. And on my instep, preventing me from completing the training runs I needed to. What's a girl to do? Stop running? No... Use 400 different types of bandaids? Sure... But what else? Something needed to heal this thing fast so I could get back to running comfortably. Enter Magical Green Goo (*insert more appropriate name here). I don't know what Sam puts in this stuff (unicorn farts, I'm sure), but it's a miracle. I slathered it on, more than once, and after a day or two, had skin again! And was able to run again! I keep finding uses for it beyond the blister, as well. We've used it on kids owies, mommy owies, itchy spots and it's worked great. Plus, it smells awesome, and it's green."
-Katy A.
Mother, Runner, Birth Educator

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